Policyworks: Credit union marketing requires all hands on deck

Today’s credit union marketers are facing pressure to adapt to ever-changing marketing methods and technologies. The frequent roll out of complex regulations across product lines is only complicating matters for an area of the credit union that sometimes operates in isolation.

According to Cindy Williams, vice president of regulatory compliance at PolicyWorks, the combination of these two factors calls for an “all hands on deck” approach to credit union marketing. Williams examines what this new approach might look like in her recently released white paper, “Pull Together for Creative, Compliant Marketing.”

In a world where marketing is often seen as an afterthought, she writes, compliance with regulations can easily be overlooked.

“Today, as credit unions are promoting products and services in person, on the phone, online and inside social networks or mobile apps, the risk of deviations has grown exponentially,” writes Willaims. “When marketing, compliance and product managers are working in tandem from the outset, consistency across marketing channels becomes much more attainable.”

“A product or service idea is conceived, researched, scoped, developed, tested, tweaked and prepared for launch,” writes Williams. “It’s often at this point marketing staff is brought into the fold. Marketers, too, have been known to embark on their own endeavors before looping in the right internal experts. In the highly regulated financial industry, however, this can create huge stumbling blocks with both financial and reputational repercussions.”

Williams digs deeper into these consequences in the paper, noting financial services organizations that have recently suffered the consequences of non-compliant marketing. She also examines emerging technologies and trends complicating marketing compliance today, as well as includes tips on achieving compliance with little time and financial investment.

To download the white paper, ““Pull Together for Creative, Compliant Marketing,” visit

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