POPA Federal Credit Union Selects a Chief Executive Officer

Ray Leyva, Chairman of the Board

Cerritos, California (September 7, 2012) – POPA Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that they have concluded their search for a new Chief Executive Officer.
“The Board of Directors has selected Mr. Raymond Bartus, as the next CEO for POPA Federal Credit Union,” said Board Chairman, Ray Leyva. “He has done an excellent job and shown a high level of dedication to serving our membership. Through his leadership, POPA Federal Credit Union will continue to grow and prosper in order to meet our members’ needs.”
Prior to accepting the role of Chief Executive Officer, Bartus served as the organizations Interim CEO.  Ray has experience in managing all facets of the organization in a leadership capacity.  His expertise will bring a value added dimension in moving the credit union toward future growth and opportunities for the membership. “Raymond will be instrumental in ensuring the success of POPA Federal Credit Union for years to come,” said Leyva.
About POPA Federal Credit Union
POPA Federal Credit Union was formed in 1978 by the Peace Officers Professional Association to provide sound financial products and services to LA County peace officers. Over the years, the Credit Union was able to extend its membership to other professional associations and now POPA’s diverse membership ranges from deputy sheriffs to civilian employees in the Scientific Services Bureau. Today, POPA Federal Credit Union’s assets are nearly $180 million with four branches to serve its members. For over 30 years, POPA Federal Credit Union has been a financial institution dedicated to their membership’s best interests by providing a safe and convenient place to save as well as to borrow.  POPA’s mission is to promote the philosophy of “people helping people” by offering POPA Federal Credit Union members value-added products and services to meet all of their financial needs.

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