PSCU Chief Talent Officer Lynn Heckler chats about smart data and modeling the future

BOULDER CITY, NV (August 14, 2020) — Lynn Heckler, PSCU’s chief talent officer, and Susan Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates and Founder of the Underground discuss the people impact of organization responses to the people side of the coronavirus pandemic. Lynn also shares that there’s no substitute for ‘awesome’ two-way communication. Great tips for how to respond for humans and operations!

Join us as we bring together thought leadership with a true, authentic and unfiltered Underground voice and provide steps the industry can take today to #STANDUP for credit unions tomorrow. Three Ideas into Action:

  • Listen with Empathy: Each story, each situation is different. Practice listening with empathy to understand your members story find solutions to fit their needs.
  • Check Your Pulse: Consider doing a quick survey to find out how you are doing as an organization and where your employees see the future of work, home and life balance.
  • Make Your Position Clear: Start at the top, have the difficult yet courageous conversations and be clear on your position. Your employees should know where your organization stands current issues.

About Mitchell Stankovic and Associates

Mitchell Stankovic and Associates (MSA) is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the credit union industry to increase consumer impact, market relevance and modernize business practices from board governance to CEO and leadership transitions.  We are trusted advisors, industry thought leaders and believe that making a difference is our highest priority demonstrated by our long-term relationships and stellar reputation. The Underground Collision initiative is a brainchild of MSA. The Underground has a simple goal: Create an intimate environment for authentic dialogue believing that the energy of focused debate will echo beyond the moment and become a catalyst for change.  MSA partners volunteer their time, giving back to the industry in the spirit of people, who help people.

About Underground Community

The Underground Community, founded by Susan Mitchell of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates, is an authentic voice of the credit union movement facilitated by industry thought leaders. We drive change, encourage diverse opinions, and force off-record discussions to become on-record initiatives. The hundreds of Underground Colliders believe through incremental, grassroots change, credit unions can put ideas into action and revolutionize core cooperative principles: people helping a diverse world of people come together for a better life, individually and communally.Check Out More Underground Resources


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