Red Rocks CU Selects IMM’s Teller Item Capture Technology

Integrated Media Management® (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, announced that Colorado-based Red Rocks Credit Union has expanded its relationship with IMM by selecting its teller item capture solution. Red Rocks CU has been an IMM customer for several years and when it sought a teller item capture product to complement other check image capture processes, the credit union found IMM’s technology to be an ideal fit.

“With rising costs of processing physical checks, it was a sound business decision to invest in this technology,” David Starck, vice president of member services at Red Rocks CU, explained. “After considering several different companies and their solutions, we selected IMM based on the overall features of teller item capture, the ease of use for our staff and the seamless integration into our existing host and imaging systems. We were also very familiar with IMM’s ongoing innovation and its technology capabilities as a result of our current relationship.”

IMM’s teller item capture provides significant benefits to credit unions, including automatically filling the checks deposited screen from the scanned deposited checks.  This feature eliminates the need for the teller to manually enter the check data into the core processor, reducing keystrokes and errors. Additionally, the checks are encrypted and appended to the receipt transaction and a 128-bit encrypted indexed PDF is created for storage. While the PDF is created, the system generates an electronic cash letter that Red Rocks CU can send electronically to its processing center.

“Implementing teller item capture is right in line with our strategic initiatives to improve operational efficiencies and reduce expenses,” Starck added. “The technology assists in our mission of maximizing the economic benefit to members. The savings that we will receive from this investment will transfer directly to our members in the form of higher deposit rates and lower loan rates.”

“As the number of Federal Reserve Bank check processing sites decrease and the industry moves away from paper-based processing, Check 21 technology is an obvious investment,” Chuck Klein, CEO at IMM, added. “However, integration with existing systems is critical to gaining the greatest benefit, and we are pleased that Red Rocks CU will leverage our seamless integration with its core system to make this a simple, economical and completely electronic process.”


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