Rhode Island Credit Unions take the spotlight; Debut Better Banking TV to foster financial literacy

MALBOROUGH, MA (March 31, 2017) — April is National Financial Education Month and the Credit Unions of Rhode Island are marking the observance like no others throughout the nation.

In what might be considered a first for credit unions in the U.S., consumers subscribed to Cox Communications throughout the state of Rhode Island will have access to a new, monthly, 30-minute financial education TV program presented by the Credit Unions of Rhode Island and produced in-house by the Cooperative Credit Union Association as part of its BetterValues.BetterBanking. consumer awareness campaign.

This week, Better Banking is making its debut on the YurView Channel (Cox Cable Channel 4 and 1004). It is scheduled to air every week, on Sundays at 2 pm, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

While Better Banking will offer banking tips and financial information, interviews with experts and tutorials on money management, all designed to help viewers become more skilled and knowledgeable in managing their finances, will also promote the distinct value credit unions bring to the banking experience. 

Paul Gentile, president of the Cooperative Credit Union Association, will serve as host. 

“Financial literacy is very important to credit unions and the cooperative business model they espouse,” said Gentile. “Whether it’s hosting their own first-time homeowner classes or volunteering their time at CU-4 Reality Fairs, or helping to fund EverFi programs at high schools in Rhode Island, credit unions have long recognized the role of financial education in our society and its ongoing importance in the lives of consumers. Adding a monthly cable TV program to its long list of educational initiatives is just another way for credit unions to help consumers become better managers of their finances.” 

Each month Better Banking will showcase interviews and presentations on an assortment of topics, from identity theft to creating a budget. In addition, it will provide information on various financial literacy programs underway throughout the state; while at the same time, giving credit unions an opportunity to explain their own banking products and services and how their financial cooperative business model sets them apart from other financial service providers. 

“Our new YurView channel was created to help tell local stories and provide our customers with useful information in a unique format,” said Jeff Abney, vice president of marketing, Cox Communications. “Better Banking is a perfect example of how this channel can be leveraged to reach a wide audience with a valuable message.” 

In April’s episode of Better Banking, Gentile visits the Rhode Island State House where he talks with Treasurer Seth Magaziner about efforts underway to bring financial education to high schools and adults across Rhode Island. Courtney Hunter introduces viewers to Richard Garland, a financial education teacher at North Kingstown High School, and Walter Laskos interviews Ellen Ford, president/CEO at People’s Credit Union in Middletown, R.I., about her credit union’s engagement in financial education. 

In addition to being carried on cable systems across Rhode Island, Better Banking can also be seen on Cox Cable channels 128 and 1128 in Connecticut and on channels 2 and 1128 in Holland, Massachusetts.

L-R: Paul Gentile, president of the Cooperative Credit Union Association, and Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner.

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