Sageworks continues commitment to deliver innovative, painless change management

RALEIGH, NC (November 30, 2017) — Sageworks, a financial information company that provides lending, credit risk and portfolio risk solutions to banks and credit unions, will be rolling out several new products in 2018. In preparation for the expanded suite, Sageworks has invested in an improved implementation process for their bank and credit union clients aimed at helping clients achieve value quickly.

As an increasing number of financial institutions seek to automate, they must assess vendors on more than product features. Implementation and change-management support are critical to success, including the following four-front approach from Sageworks.

Expertise Refined by Experience – Sageworks’ expertise around change management is grounded in the experience of onboarding roughly 1,200 banks and credit unions. In 2017 alone, the company has successfully guided more than 224 institutions through a core system integration. With this breadth of experience, the company can help the institution identify potential pitfalls and bottlenecks and help clients overcome them. Sageworks has also educated more than 6,500 bankers over the last 12 months through webinars and events, sharing best practices with bankers often even before they choose to partner with Sageworks.

“It has been very smooth working with [Sageworks’] implementation team. It is night and day compared to some of the other vendors that we have worked with recently,” said Crystal Wagoner, VP of Data and Analytics and Project Manager at First Capital Bank of Texas. “I have been impressed with the team and I look forward to working with Sageworks in the future,” she added.

Candace Hooten, EVP of Loan Administration at Peoples Bank of Alabama, in an interview said, “I’ve been banking 30+ years, and this is one of the smoothest integration processes I’ve ever been through.”

Sageworks Starters – Incorporated throughout the solutions, Starters are best-practice templates that institutions can use as a starting point for implementing life-of-loan automation. Institutions can use a Starter as-is to see benefits of automation quickly or customize it to match the bank’s specific workflow, reporting needs and credit policies.

Support Center – Sageworks has been awarded for its long-standing commitment to customer service, which includes access to product experts without added fees or delays. When a client calls in, they get an immediate response. The company also provides institutions with access to a robust online Support Center, a library of searchable FAQs, videos, vendor due diligence documentation and other resources that enable clients to quickly learn the products.

A Team Effort – In the past year, Sageworks has developed a new Implementation Consulting team tasked with driving setup and adoption to help clients achieve the full value out of the solutions quickly. The process includes scoping the onboarding process, identifying responsible and accountable parties and following a mutually developed plan. Uschi Sherrard of First Choice Bank in Cerritos, CA, explains, “My staff and I are truly thrilled to have a system in place that is not only user friendly but incredibly efficient. If you use Sageworks the way this system was intended to be utilized, you won’t look at another. Way ahead of the competition – the ‘Tesla’ in the industry.”

This commitment from Sageworks enables financial institutions to see their return on investment faster and can translate to significant performance improvement. Over the last 5-year period, Sageworks’ clients have outperformed their peers in the market: 38% higher average loan growth and an average of 2x improvement in efficiency ratio over the same period.

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Sageworks offers banks and credit unions lending, credit risk and portfolio risk software to efficiently grow and improve the borrower experience. By automating the life of the loan with Sageworks, bankers book commercial loans faster and reduce risk. Sageworks uniquely provides integrated solutions and industry expertise to more than 1,400 financial institutions that achieve an average 38% higher loan growth than peers. Visit to learn more.


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