Science teacher puckers up to secure a $5,300 grant

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (February 17, 2017) — Our Lady of Calvary School has enjoyed a four-year relationship with TruMark Financial® Credit Union in the crusade to educate students on the importance of managing money. It all started with a simple question when Principal Sister Mildred Chesnavage asked one of the teachers, “Would you kiss a pig to raise money for the school?”  Science teacher Patricia Torpey couldn’t say no to the principal.

The school secured donations to support Torpey’s encounter with the pig at TruMark Financial’s Kiss-A-Pig Financial Literacy Fundraiser which was held on Sept. 28, at the Abington Art Center.
In 2016, TruMark Financial raised $78,000 through Building Financial Futures, its financial literacy initiative, and awarded Our Lady of Calvary School and 14 other schools grants of $5,300 for their participation in the fundraiser.

Torpey has no qualms about kissing a pig. In fact, this was her third time. “I don’t mind puckering up when I know it’s going to benefit the school,” said Torpey.
The fundraiser is one component of TruMark Financial’s Building Financial Futures initiative which heightens awareness for financial literacy and raises money for schools needing materials to teach money management. In addition to fundraising, credit union employees conduct presentations at local schools on topics such as saving, budgeting, credit, and investing.

The following schools also participated and received a grant:
•       Andrew Jackson Elementary School
•       Baldi Middle School
•       Bensalem High School
•       E. T. Richardson Middle School
•       Forrest Elementary School
•       George Washington High School
•       Horatio Hackett Elementary School
•       Maritime Academy Charter School
•       Northeast High School
•       Philadelphia Academy Charter School
•       Stephen Decatur Elementary School
•       St. Jerome School
•       Webster Elementary School
•       William Tennent High School

Torpey and her students are already brainstorming about new ways to raise money. The school purchased magnetic money, grids for graphing, fraction cards, and tablets with software programs to strengthen students’ math skills. ”We are very grateful for the time and effort TruMark Financial invests in its financial literacy program, and we are thrilled to be involved,” said Torpey.

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