Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union unveils new name and look

The changes underscore SCU’s ongoing commitment as Seattle’s partner in growth and prosperity

SEATTLE, WA (September 18, 2017) — Today, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union announced that it has simplified its name to “Seattle Credit Union,” and revealed a new branch design and brand logo. Making the name shorter and easier to recall, Seattle Credit Union continues to be Seattle’s credit union, helping all members of the community achieve their financial goals.

“Seattle Credit Union is dedicated to serving as Seattle’s partner in growth and prosperity,” said Richard Romero, Seattle Credit Union’s CEO. “We truly value each member of the community and this is what sets us apart from other institutions. We’ve been a part of Seattle’s evolution through every depression, recession, and boom, and we know that when everyone can grow and rise together, we can all achieve things once thought impossible. With these changes, we want to show our unshakeable commitment to Seattleites and their dreams, and our excitement in helping everyone towards a prosperous financial future.”

Seattle Credit Union branches will continue to be updated through the end of 2017. The refreshed locations will feature collaborative, open spaces for its members to discuss their vision of prosperity. Financial experts will provide unique in-branch experiences, working alongside members to navigate the best path towards their financial goals. Serving the city since 1933, Seattle Credit Union will continue to offer the same exceptional financial tools and services that its members have always enjoyed.

“One person’s definition of prosperity tends to be very different from another’s, and the same set of financial solutions does not work for everyone. The new in-branch look and feel and layout will help us better communicate with our members and work towards understanding and fulfilling their unique financial needs,” said Jill Vicente, Seattle Credit Union’s Chief Marketing Officer.

As branches continue to develop in the next few months, Seattle Credit Union will:

  • Serve and celebrate Seattle communities
  • Provide open spaces for conversation and collaboration
  • Share and celebrate member stories and inspire the community
  • Offer financial partnership and guidance
  • Provide the breadth of financial services tools needed to achieve financial goals

Seattle Credit Union constantly strives for greater financial inclusion and economic equality, helping create opportunities to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to prosper. These include financial literacy and home-buying workshops, citizenship loans, bilingual services and classes. Behind this longstanding service, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) recently gave Seattle Credit Union Low Income Designation (LID), empowering the credit union to better aid the financially underserved.

About Seattle Credit Union

Seattle Credit Union is Seattle’s partner in growth and prosperity, providing a full spectrum of innovative financial products and services. Founded in 1933 as the official credit union for the municipal employees of the City of Seattle and their families, Seattle Credit Union has expanded its charter to serve anyone who lives or works in Washington. Seattle Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration and is an Equal Opportunity Lender. For more information, visit


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(206) 398-5571

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