Shapiro Partners Re-Launches & Expands Nationally

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Brea, CA – Shapiro Partners, a group of credit union professionals, has recently announced the re-launch of its consulting firm.

The company has recently expanded its credit union consulting team, increasing the number of consultants by 100%, which has allowed it to expand its footprint nationally. In support of the firm’s efforts to expand its presence, it has redesigned the face of the business with a new logo and website (

According to Jason Lindstrom, Senior Managing Consultant for Shapiro Partners, the ability for the firm to expand and increase the types of expertise and services offered is in direct correlation to the ever-rising unemployment rate, especially in California where Shapiro Partners is based. “The degree of talent involved with Shapiro Partners is phenomenal. Our presence now consists of former credit union CEO’s, CFO’s, and other Executives with years of experience in the industry,” comments Lindstrom. “Without the rise in unemployment, this type of talent would not be available. Our structure provides a unique opportunity both for these professionals to continue working in the industry, and for credit unions to benefit from reasonably-priced professional services. It’s truly credit union people helping credit unions,” continues Lindstrom.

Shapiro Partners continued to say that it will add additional consultants to meet skill and industry demands.


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Formed in 2009, Shapiro Partners is a credit union consulting firm that differentiates itself through the creation of partnerships with current and former employees in the credit union movement to provide affordable assistance to credit unions nationwide.


Shapiro Partners was named after Leo H. Shapiro who was one of the founding fathers of credit unions in California. Shapiro Partners views each engagement as a true partnership to assist credit unions in accomplishing a variety of tasks and projects. Shapiro Partners has managing consultants in nearly all of the disciplines needed to assist credit union management better serve their membership.

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