Shastic partners with MeridianLink to deliver two-way text messaging solution

PASADENA, CA (March 13, 2019) — Shastic, a market leader in customer engagement solutions for digital financial services companies announces a partnership with MeridianLink, the nation’s largest loan origination system provider to deliver an innovative text messaging and tracking integration.  Shastic’s text messaging platform, Elle, provides compliant text messaging services for financial institutions to communicate with applicants in real-time, resulting in more completed applications.

Elle integrates with MeridianLink’s LoansPQ and XpressAccounts technology suite to streamline digital experience. With application tracking integration, financial institutions have the ability to see up-to-the-minute progress for each applicant. The Elle platform can also take actions on this data by triggering Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) SMS messages when people become inactive in the application.

“Elle is intuitive with how it automates text messaging communication when a person enters an application,” said Doug Glagola, vice president of Enterprise Solutions for MeridianLink. “This partnership is important because it helps solve an ongoing problem – high drop off rates and abandoning an application before it’s completed.”

“For MeridianLink clients, this is a tool to convert incomplete applications and improve the user experience,” said Joseariel Gomez, CEO of Shastic. “By design,  this integration shortens the time for people to get through a digital application.”

Currently, no other messaging provider has the ability to act on this data and push out timely re-engagement SMS messages to recapture applicants. With connection to both the loan and new account digital applications, financial institutions a realizing a boost in funded loans and new account openings.

About Shastic

Since 2012, Shastic has been redefining how banking institutions apply technology across digital channels. The Bay Area-based fintech company provides solutions for customer engagement, loan generation, and workflow automation to meet the rising demand for digital financial services. Shastic’s platform supports all banking software, and their developer API makes it simple to integrate across digital platforms. Shastic’s mission is to continue to provide technology innovations that will shape the digital journey for banking consumers.

About MeridianLink

MeridianLink, Inc., developer of the industry’s first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform, is a leading provider of enterprise business solutions for financial service organizations. The company’s passion for excellence is reflected in their web-based credit reporting, lending and new account opening/deposit technologies, which all enjoy solid reputations as being cutting edge, reliable and affordable. Based in Costa Mesa, California, MeridianLink is committed to creating smart solutions that deliver real value. For more information, visit


Aaron Sunshine
Public Relations

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