Shastic’s new lead generator, LeadMe, transforms early stage lending for FIs

Early adopters of LeadMe have seen a 15% increase in loan volume

BERKELEY, CA (March 13, 2017) — Shastic today announced the release of LeadMe, its real-time personalized offer system for financial institutions, that acquires and converts top-of-the-funnel loan opportunities across multiple channels. LeadMe allows marketing and lending departments at an institution to easily generate, track, organize, and respond to incoming opportunities, as well as recapture old prospects.

Following a study by Deloitte, which found that one in three consumers seek a personalized offer for a product or service, LeadMe provides a real-time personalized offer to prospects through a price estimator. It then collects contact information and delivers it in real-time to loan officers, so they can respond to the opportunity. Loan officers can use the workflow to view, sort, and act on these opportunities. The real-time workflow combined with personalized offers produces a significant competitive advantage and a substantial increase in sales.

The rapid growth of companies like LendingClub, SoFi, Prosper and LendUp result from their ability to offer prospects convenient ways to get a personalized offer instantly through a payment estimator or a lead form. However, traditional institutions lack similar tools, and as a result, end up losing out to alternative lenders – especially with younger borrowers who shop for loans online.

Traditional financial institutions use bulky processing tools like loan applications as the first point of entry for a top-of-the-funnel opportunity. However, because extensive forms are a major barrier to entry for many interested borrowers, the result is a very high abandonment rate as prospects leave forms unfinished. Shastic’s LeadMe solves this problem by placing a true sales tool as the entry point in the sales process, capturing early interest by generating personalized loan offers.

“Digital channels leave a lot of opportunities uncaptured due to cumbersome forms or application processes,” says Bradley Leimer, former head of Fintech Strategy and Innovation of Santander U.S. “More and more, consumers are looking for that personalized experience, which alternative lenders are capitalizing on. Traditional institutions are leaving money on the table.”

Adopters of LeadMe are achieving significant results. InFirst Federal Credit Union, a $171M institution located in Virginia, increased their loan volume by 15%, the result of converting 1 in every 3 opportunities delivered by Shastic into funded loans or new accounts. Within the first two months, InFirst FCU reached a full return on their investment.

About Shastic

Shastic built the first Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform specialized for banking. They offer their technology as a Cloud service that requires minimal upfront IT investment without the elongated implementation process. Shastic is trusted by 50+ financial institutions across the US. Their platform allows financial institutions to increase capacity and processing speed by 10 times using the same resources and processes they currently have in place. Shastic has partnerships with Finastra, MeridianLink, and Access Softek to help financial institutions streamline banking processes and improve customer service. For more information, visit


Patrick Guilshan
William Mills Agency

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