SmartVault announces new, streamlined guest view experience for accounting firms

HOUSTON, TX (January 14, 2021)SmartVault, a leading provider of cloud-based document management and client portal software for the accounting profession announced today a new platform release that transforms the user experience in its Guest View. Guests are individuals with whom a SmartVault customer can share documents.

The new Guest View is a major SmartVault platform update for accountants and document preparers who invite their clients to exchange important documents in SmartVault as guest users. By giving the Guest View a clean, brand new look and feel, along with an intuitive file exchange and management workflow, guests of SmartVault customers now enjoy a user-friendly and frictionless file sharing experience.

“The development of the guest view is an important enhancement to our user experience and is especially important during tax season when accountants and tax preparers need to share their files securely with clients outside of their firms,” explained Daniel Fritz, Director of Products at SmartVault. “As we continue to add enhancements like the renovated Guest View experience to the SmartVault platform, we have a goal in mind of making the product more intuitive for customers to use and in turn, making it easier for them to collaborate with their clients and guest users.” 

Additional details about Guest View can be found on the SmartVault website at

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