Solutions in Finance Signs Three Credit Unions

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Solutions in Finance Signs Three Credit Unions to Help Streamline their Collections and Lending Operations

Los Gatos, CA – October 7, 2010 – Looking to upgrade their lending and collections services, Quincy Credit Union ($371 million; 25,668 members; Quincy, MA), Pinnacle Federal Credit Union ($178 million; 24,444 members; Edison, NJ) and Community First Credit Union of Florida ($1.1 billion; 104,557 members; Jacksonville, FL) has employed lending and collections consulting firm, Solutions in Finance, to help achieve their business goals. Quincy and Community First looked to Solutions in Finance specifically for assistance with their collection operations, while Pinnacle needed help with both its lending and collection operations. Solutions in Finance commenced its consulting work for Pinnacle in June 2010, Community First in July 2010, and Quincy in August 2010.

“It’s been a busy year for us for obvious reasons relating to the economy,” states Bill Garcia, President and CEO for Solutions in Finance. “We’re pleased that we could help Quincy Credit Union, Pinnacle Federal Credit Union, and Community First Credit Union of Florida enhance their lending and collections practices to make their operations more streamline, ultimately helping them save money and time while maintaining or enhancing member service.”


About Solutions in Finance

Solutions in Finance, Inc. is a Los Gatos, CA-based consulting firm that provides services for financial institutions in consumer lending, indirect lending, mortgage lending, and collection operations. The firm assists clients to create, improve, and maintain sound lending practices with overall superior credit quality. Collections operations best practices applications are introduced with new and improved strategies and processes, and a focus on decreasing delinquency and charge offs, and increasing charge off recoveries. For more information, visit


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