St. Louis Community’s Patrick Adams to present ‘7-step stress test’ at CU Members Mortgage National Mortgage Lending Conference

DALLAS, TX (August 1, 2016) — Credit union mortgage services provider CU Members Mortgage, a division of Colonial Savings F.A., will have St. Louis Community Credit Union President & CEO Patrick Adams speak at its 18th National Mortgage Lending Conference October 10-11, 2016, in Fort Worth, Texas. Adams’ presentation, entitled: “You Can Lead A Horse To Water, But You Can’t Make Him Take His Boots Off,” will address the difference between temporary disruption and fundamental change – a seven-step stress test for your credit union.

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According to Adams; his presentation will outline seven ideas to ensure that in a roller-coaster world of competition, economic volatility, macro-turmoil, and changing demographics in the market and workplace; your credit union has what it takes to emerge on the other side a winner.

“Build the brand, lead the market, have bedrock principles with which you operate and then look to see what is available to you in the market,” he says. “For example, the consumer has been liberated and is in charge.  That is a fundamental change in the market.  You don’t call the shots; the market calls the shots.  Montgomery Wards doesn’t exist because people moved to the suburbs and the company stayed urban-based.  We’re not in charge and haven’t been for a long time.”

Adams adds that a few of the many takeaways attendees can expect from his talk include:

  • Corporate culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • Try being great with mediocre people
  • Employee attention is your scarcest resource

“Change and focus appear not to be synonymous terms,” he explains. “Yes, credit unions must keep evolving and changing. But focus ensures that you aren’t chasing the next shiny thing just because.

“Steve Jobs changed the world by focusing on one product,” Adams concludes. “So stay close to your ‘knitting’ and evolve to meet market needs.  Change and focus may not be as far apart as you think.”

“We are eager to hear Patrick Adams’ latest talk, as he was a huge hit at last year’s show,” says Linda Clampitt, Senior Vice President of CU Members Mortgage. “What he is presenting here is so true – especially in the tumultuous world of mortgage lending. It’s so easy to get turned around and upside down with all the changes that are occurring on a daily basis. His presentation will allow us all to enhance our focus and emerge winners in this volatile market.”

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