Support EXP Founder, President, and CEO to speak at the 2016 Analytics and Financial Innovation Conference in Minneapolis

CENTERVILLE, OH (May 25, 2016) — Rhonda Sheets, the Founder, President, and CEO of Support EXP, will be delivering The Five Critical Challenges Facing Credit Unions Around the Customer Journey at this year’s Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference. Sheets’ session will provide not only strategic methods to overcome these challenges but also innovative methods that lead to practical business results.

The AXFI Conference is bringing together industry experts and thought leaders to educate financial professionals about the importance of prioritizing innovation and analytics. Sheets will emphasize the significance of innovation and analytics as they relate to the customer journey. Her presentation will target financial organizations concerned about customer retention, the digital experience, actionable analytics, and other major issues facing financial organizations today. As a significant thought leader and innovator in the financial services industry, Sheets will equip conference attendees with valuable information surrounding these challenges, such as the early warning signs of losing a customer and ways to measure the customer experience across all channels. Ultimately, Sheets’ goal is to advocate focus on the customer journey as the primary indicator of an organization’s bottom line.

In addition, Sheets will be sharing the results of Support EXP’s Key Executive Readiness Study, a Ph.D.-level research project in which top-level credit union executives were interviewed regarding their readiness to deal with the five critical challenges, and what the results indicate for the financial professionals who attend her session.

Support EXP’s research indicates that the customer journey, directly or indirectly, will greatly impact a financial organization’s revenue growth and profitability, either constructively or destructively. Therefore, organizations must recognize that with digital banking on the rise, actionable analytics become vital to the successful creation of a seamless customer experience across all channels.

“Now more than ever, credit unions need to be not only the best, but also the first,” Sheets says. “Members are financial consumers first, and they have many choices and preferences as to how, when, and where they can be served. Those who compete to win must do so through the customer experience.”

Financial consumer demands and expectations are increasing with the number of options available to them for their banking needs. With so many choices, they will select the option that provides them with the best overall experience. According to research from Fiserv, a leading provider of financial services technology, credit union members who used mobile banking maintained only a 4.9% attrition rate, compared to the 13.4% of members who did not use digital channels in 2016. Therefore, to achieve an excellent and distinctive customer journey, financial institutions must strategically leverage leading indicators to intervene across and throughout all delivery channels, creating a seamless customer experience.

At AXFI, several industry leaders like Rhonda Sheets will share their wisdom and knowledge as to how organizations can achieve differentiation in their markets.

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