Team Allen wins $10,000 In Wright-Patt Credit Union’s Savings Race® – Home Edition

Tracy Fors, Wright-Patt Credit Union, Inc.
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FAIRBORN, Ohio – After eight months of working to increase savings and reduce debt, the winner of Wright-Patt Credit Union’s Savings Race® Home Edition was team Allen of Dayton.

During the Race, five teams worked with three Wright-Patt coaches and community housing partners to collectively increase their general and home savings by more than $60,000 and reduce their debt by over $73,000. When you add in the 15 families from the previous Races, the Savings Race teams have improved their collective net worth by almost $525,000 – an average of more than $26,000 per team! This year, the teams focused their efforts on purchasing a home and have had much success – all teams are prepared to buy, and three will close on their homes within the month.  In the end, every team is a winner – the grand prize winner received $10,000 and each of the other teams received $2,000 for their dedication over the course of the Savings Race®. Community members were invited to follow the participants’ progress through blogs, news segments, and free workshops geared at teaching the right way to buy a home from the very first step.

“We are very thankful for all the things the Savings Race continues to teach us,” said team Allen. “It’s not just saving money and paying debt off. We have really taken advantage of learning everything we could have from couponing, to buying a house. As we get ready to move into our new home we look forward to hitting the bargains and turning the house into our own home, but on a budget!”

Doug Fecher, President and CEO of Wright-Patt Credit Union, also spoke of the Savings Race.

“As with previous seasons of the Savings Race, the Home Edition has again showed that financial freedom is attainable regardless of our income. It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about the choices you make with the money you have. These five families all shared a common goal of home ownership, and many Miami Valley residents share this same goal. With three families closing on their homes and two soon to follow, I’m reminded that the American Dream of homeownership is still very much alive and attainable. The financial lessons WPCU provides are one component of homeownership success – the other part is the fortitude to overcome both personal and economic barriers. These families have proven that combining the right amount of knowledge with the right amount of ‘can do’ attitude can make dreams come true.”

Wright-Patt’s Savings Race 5th Edition kicks off this fall. Stay tuned for the exciting announcement to see what WPCU and Miami Valley residents will focus on for the 5th Edition.

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