The Golden 1 Credit Union Announces 0 Percent State Budget Payroll Loans

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With recent news regarding a possible state budget impasse, The Golden 1 Credit Union is announcing its plans to once again provide State Budget Payroll Loans with rates as low as 0% APR for its members who are state legislative staff (including gubernatorial and constitutional appointees) provided they have a Golden 1 checking account with Direct Deposit of their state payroll
checks as of June 30, 2010.

“Golden 1 was founded nearly 77 years ago by California State employees under the concept of people helping people,” says Teresa A. Halleck, Golden 1 President and CEO. “This philosophy is still paramount to our credit union and, as the state budget resolution continues, we intend to support our state employee members.”

The credit union has a long history of assisting California State employees. In 1992, Golden 1 pioneered 0% APR State Budget Payroll Loans to help state legislative employees whose paychecks were deferred during periods of budget impasse.

Current and new Golden 1 members who are legislative staff and sign up for Direct Deposit after June 30, will be eligible for a State Budget Payroll Loan with a 4.99% APR.

“Golden 1 has a legacy of giving back to its communities during times of need,” says Halleck. “Our members who are state employees have our assurance that Golden 1 will be there for them with assistance should they need us during this state budget impasse.”

Golden 1 is California’s leading credit union, with 84 offices, $7.3 billion in assets and more than 680,000 members.

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