THRIVE Strategic Services releases white paper “Creating Value in a Disruptive Environment”

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 21, 2017) — THRIVE Strategic Services has released its latest white paper “Creating Value in a Disruptive Environment.” detailing the current disruptive climate, creating value, and suggestions and recommendations to combat the active disruption. This white paper also highlights outcomes from THRIVE’s disruption analysis that identifies current disruptive activity by credit union members.

Abstract from Creating Value in a Disruptive Environment.

Disruption is all around us. The taxi and hotel industries are both hundreds of years old and have been disrupted by Airbnb and ride-sharing companies that own neither cars or hotel rooms.

In the financial marketplace, there are over 6,000 financial technology (fin-tech) start-up companies active. That is more than one fin-tech for every credit union in the United States. Each one is targeting a small piece of the traditional financial institution’s business.

This environment leaves credit unions with no option but to disrupt itself before someone else does.  At the core of the disruption battle is value creation. How the credit union define, create, and deliver value to the members they serve is critical to understanding how to improve their offerings and delivery channels. A key component to delivering value is understanding the member’s needs and problems. Deep member insights are available when credit unions can connect their robust data.  As solutions are created from these insights, the industry will need to think like a financial technology firm. By moving from a product focused business model to a platform focused one, the member experience becomes the foundation of the platform, and the products become features and benefits to the member experience.”

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THRIVETM Strategic Services' strength comes from the broad and deep executive level experience of its Principal, Anne Legg. Anne is a recognized credit union expert and thought leader with an MBA thesis on the credit union business model as well as two internationally published white papers on credit union business strategy.  Anne’s experience in big data coupled with a growth strategy has resulted in one client experiencing the highest loan volume in the recorded history of its credit union.


Anne Legg
THRIVE Strategic Services

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