TMG and Bradford-Scott Partner to Streamline Dwolla Implementation

Kelly Moore (for TMG)

(Des Moines, Iowa – September 11, 2012)
– Credit union clients of Bradford-Scott Data Corp. using the Sharetec system learned this week the data processor has paved the way for easier implementation of Dwolla, the online, mobile, social and location-based payment network supported by The Members Group (TMG).

“We’re experiencing heavy interest from our customers in everything mobile and most recently person-to-person (P2P) payments,” said Kevin Kolar, Vice-President of Bradford-Scott. “The Dwolla platform has been the most consistently requested P2P interface and I get it because I personally use Dwolla, it’s a great product. This partnership will streamline the implementation of Dwolla for our customers.”

Most credit unions offering Dwolla want a simple sign-up process for their members and customers. To achieve this, the credit union transfers user information to TMG. By working directly with Bradford-Scott and its interface, TMG and Dwolla will manage the transfer process for the credit union, quickly and securely.

“Because P2P is an emerging technology, many credit unions are unable to justify large dollar or time investments in implementation,” said Brian Day, TMG Dwolla product leader. “By taking one of the more complex steps off the credit union’s to-do list, we’re getting them a superior P2P product as quickly as possible while minimizing the amount of time credit union staff spends on the implementation.”

Bradford-Scott client Dubuque Teachers Credit Union has recently taken advantage of the partnership in its implementation of Dwolla. “It was a relief to know the necessary transfer of information would be conducted by two trusted partners who are experts at programming and data security,” said Jonathon Miller, Dubuque Teachers CEO. “We’re looking forward to rolling out Dwolla to our members.”

About Bradford-Scott Data Corp.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Bradford-Scott is a leading provider of core data processing systems to credit unions. Bradford-Scott (, a provider of both in-house and service bureau solutions, owns and distributes the Sharetec System. With a customer base that has grown 64% since the year 2000; the Sharetec System is one of the most widely installed credit union software systems in the United States.

About Sharetec Systems, Inc.

Headquartered in Minnesota, and sold through its 4 owner companies, Sharetec Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of core data processing systems to credit unions. Sharetec, a provider of both in-house and service bureau solutions, has a customer base over 300 credit unions.

About Dwolla
Dwolla is the nation’s only online, mobile, social and location-based cash platform that connects to users’ social community and location to share and spend money. Using proprietary technology and business partnerships with The Veridian Group and The Members Group, Dwolla allows consumers and organizations to send and receive money from their bank accounts for only 25 cents per transaction, no matter the transfer amount. Unlike traditional payment platforms, Dwolla takes the industry in a new direction by allowing people for the first time to share money with their social networking contacts. Founded in 2009, Dwolla is based in the heart of Silicon Prairie, Des Moines, Iowa. For information about Dwolla and its unique cash platform, please visit

About TMG
The Members Group (TMG) is dedicated to creating customized, technology-driven card processing and payment solutions for credit unions and community-based financial institutions across North America. Innovations in fraud management, loyalty programs, alternative payment systems and analytic reporting, and the competitive advantages they create, have helped TMG forge a new standard in offering cutting-edge credit, debit, ATM, prepaid card products and a P2P payment solution. For more information, visit

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