Trust brought Maple FCU to Your Marketing Company

YMC “believes in us”

GREENVILLE, SC (March 18, 2021)

Maple Federal Credit Union CEO Pamela Stelly turned to Your Marketing Company because “we knew we needed to do a better job of showing who we really are. We’re like those fun cousins you like to visit, but who also have your back when the going gets tough.”

The $43 million Maple FCU’s website backs that message up, proudly declaring: We’re the perfect place for imperfect people. Welcome to the Maple Family!

Stelly said that family feeling carries through into everything the credit union does, including in selecting its business partners. “We went with Your Marketing Company completely for the comfort level. We know we’re dealing with someone we can completely trust,” she said. Even Your Marketing Company’s monthly client meetings are called Family Meetings, and allow for tremendously useful networking and engagement among its clients, Stelly added.

“Your Marketing Company was built very much around the idea of trust,” YMC CEO Bo McDonald explained. “We take it very personally when we bring on clients to ensure YMC captures their brand and member messaging in a way our credit union client family can be proud. We love to hear that Maple FCU recognizes and appreciates the level of care YMC takes with each and every client.”

The proof of that strategy is in the results. “We did well, even when we shouldn’t have last year,” Stelly said, referring to the economic fallout resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained that the predominant employers in the Lafayette, La., community are tied to oil, an industry that took a beating when lockdowns precluded many in the U.S. from traveling or driving.

Still, Maple FCU ended 2020 with 7% loan growth and delinquencies at a low 0.24%. While it wasn’t quite the 20% loan growth the credit union experienced in 2019, the first year Maple FCU worked with YMC on its marketing, it far exceeded peer average in 2020.

2020 Maple FCU Peer Average
Membership Growth 1.77% -1.12%
Loan Growth 6.96% -2.20%
Delinquencies 0.24% 1.00%

“Smaller credit unions are under extreme pressures from all sides, whether increasing regulatory burden or lack of resources,” McDonald observed. “Your Marketing Co is on a mission to help credit unions be relevant to their members, and not just survive but thrive within their communities. It’s very satisfying to see results like Maple FCU has achieved.”

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Your Marketing Co., is a full-service strategic planning, branding and marketing firm serving credit unions that are not content with the status quo. Since 2008, YMC has helped dozens of credit unions grow their potential through strategy, execution and accountability. And we give a damn!


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