Vantage West gives AZ student section another reason to cheer

Students can earn $100 toward ZonaZoo membership dues

Vantage West (, Southern Arizona’s largest credit union, is boosting Wildcat spirit by teaming up with the University of Arizona’s ZonaZoo, the official student section for University of Arizona Athletics, for a special offer.

Vantage West is giving students the opportunity to earn $100 towards their ZonaZoo membership dues when they open a new checking account with the credit union. This mutually beneficial partnership helps encourage ZonaZoo participation, while at the same time, offering all the benefits of banking locally to the students.

“We have always been proud supporters of University of Arizona Athletics,” Robert D. Ramirez, Vantage West President and CEO, said. “This partnership is one way for us to stand behind the home team, while also giving students and families a break at a time of year when fees for classes and books seem to add up quickly.”

Kortney S. Aguilar, ZonaZoo Executive Director, said the organization is very excited about the new partnership.

“We think this is just the beginning of some major sponsorships for the Zoo and we can’t wait to see where it goes,” Aguilar said.

The offer with Vantage West begins in late May, timed with campus orientation events, and runs through the end of the calendar year. Vantage West teams will be on campus next to the ZonaZoo booth during more than a dozen orientation sessions from late-May to mid-August. In order to take advantage of Vantage West’s offer, students need to present their ZonaZoo membership receipt at the time they open their new checking account, keep the account open for the school year and use the debit card a minimum number of times.

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