Virtual StrongBox racks up second patent, gains exclusive rights to additional security technology

Added security in loading ensures highest level of data protection

CHARLOTTE, NC (March 3, 2016) — At a time when consumers clamor for more choices in doing their banking yet demand high security, Virtual StrongBox, Inc., is expanding its safety net to cover the entire process of loading documents from high-risk enterprises to their customers to its file-exchange and storage system. The fin-tech security leader has received a second patent for its newest security enhancement, which expands on the Company’s process for capturing files from the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) stream.

Ron Daly, Virtual StrongBox’s President/CEO says the new technology offers industries that handle sensitive customer information, such as financial institutions, healthcare, government and insurance, unprecedented defense against cybercriminals while loading files containing customer data.

“Every day, you read about hackers breaking into another site – retailers, insurance companies, banks, medical groups, and the list goes on – resulting in financial losses and reputation damage for the company, as well as deep frustration for victims whose personal information is compromised,” Daly said. “Virtual StrongBox is changing that. Our new process for capturing files from the SSL stream builds on our previous patent, providing even stronger protection for personally identifiable information (PII).”

Last year, Virtual StrongBox was granted a patent for its encryption-at-rest technology, raising the bar to a new high for organizations, like banks and credit unions, which handle PII, by enabling secure encryption of data stored on their databases.

How it works

Virtual StrongBox is an end-to-end, secure customer engagement platform that allows enterprises handling customer data to drive forward their “Consumerization of IT” strategy. The platform allows consumers to place their records in their personal online safe deposit boxes and allows the enterprise to use that secure cloud storage for file exchange, workflow enhancements and operational efficiencies.

The secure file-exchange application means the enterprise and customer can share documents while also improving workflow, cutting the time to prepare and manage loan docs or other needed information. The process also is much safer than email, fax, courier or U.S. mail. In addition to their Virtual StrongBox provider, consumers can use the secure channel to exchange files with others they designate, such as wealth-management firms, tax preparers and insurance companies.

“Data security for high-risk Enterprise IT is a key part of Virtual StrongBox’s business, so we are focused on constantly finding ways to upgrade clients’ defensive strategy while also helping them drive their consumerization of IT strategy forward,” said Daly. “Our ‘API as a strategy’ design allows the secure customer engagement platform to be integrated into any processes involving the consumer on their devices.”

In addition to its patented technologies, Virtual StrongBox’s SaaS, secure, private-cloud infrastructure includes SSAE16 SOC-compliant, redundant servers, dedicated to safely storing customer data. Virtual StrongBox is also available in a licensing model for enterprises that want to create their own secure, private cloud.



About My Virtual Strongbox

Virtual StrongBox is a secure, end-to-end customer engagement platform that can be integrated into various workflow processes to provide high-risk Enterprise IT firms the data protection needed to enable the consumerization of IT in the cloud. Our system removes the No. 1 barrier to using the cloud, answering the tough security questions typically asked.   Virtual StrongBox is available in either a private-cloud software-as-a-service model or private-cloud licensing model for the enterprise. Today, 265 clients serving 3.5 million consumers and business owners have access to Virtual StrongBox, and are finding new ways to modernize their technology and reduce workflow costs.


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