Virtual StrongBox’s 5th patent protects easy, secure document exchange with third parties

Platform’s unparalleled security features allows high-risk firms to communicate safely

CHARLOTTE, NC (August 24, 2017) — For the fifth time in just over two years, Virtual StrongBox, Inc. has received a patent, which covers its best-in-class, data-protection software. Virtual StrongBox’s platform provides enterprise IT-level security for data while it’s being loaded, transferred or stored. For high data-risk firms, like financial institutions, insurance companies, wealth managers and healthcare providers, it offers the end-to-end security necessary to protect consumers’ sensitive information, while facilitating the convenience they demand and improving back-office efficiencies. The new patent protects the process of creating a secure upload or download link so a user can securely exchange documents with any third party.

Providing customers convenient digital access to their important documents while ensuring that sensitive information remains safe from cyber thieves helps high-risk firms deliver the convenience and security today’s consumers demand. Virtual StrongBox President/CEO Ron Daly says this latest patent covers software that will help companies meet the twin goals of convenience and security.

“Our platform allows a customer to create separate, secure links for each service provider to upload or download specific files in his or her private cloud storage. And they can do it on any digital device they choose,” Daly said. “The added convenience for the customer is a key advantage for our high data-risk clients. And, importantly, our open API strategy allows clients to bridge the gap between their legacy systems and advanced security technology to streamline workflows and cut costs.”

The ability to integrate VSB’s state-of-the-art security platform into existing back-office workflows means high-risk firms can process time-sensitive documents and internal files faster and at lower costs.

Virtual StrongBox received three patents in 2016 and one in 2015. Together, the patents protect processes for file-encryption during storage and transfer, for using mobile phones and other digital devices to access the platform, and for capturing files from the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) stream.

“By continuing to exceed compliance standards, we’ve demonstrated that top-level security is part of Virtual StrongBox’s DNA,” Daly said. “Our clients and their customers can rest easy knowing that their sensitive materials are safe from prying eyes.”

About Virtual Strongbox

Virtual StrongBox is a secure end-to-end customer engagement platform that provides high-risk Enterprise IT the data security needed to support both secure cloud usage and simple, seamless customer interactions. Our secure document storage and file-exchange platform transforms legacy technology and workflows by bridging the gap between customer convenience demands and IT security requirements. Our Clients report 70% to 80% cost benefits from operating efficiencies, savings in paper, labor and time-intensive processes, and the ability to get information to and from their customers faster in their business interactions. Virtual StrongBox is available in either a private-cloud software-as-a-service model or private-cloud licensing model for the enterprise. Nearly 300 clients, serving 3.5 million consumers and business owners, rely on Virtual StrongBox to modernize their technology and reduce workflow costs. Contact us at Virtual StrongBox, Inc. or (704) 817.4588.


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