Webinar Shows How Digital FCU Processes 100 Wire Transfers a Day

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Webinar Shows How Digital FCU Processes 100 Wire Transfers a Day, While Saving Costs and Preventing Fraud

Using fiVISION’s Wire Transfer Automation module, Digital Federal Credit Union processed 79 wire transfers its first day using the technology – now averaging 100 wires per day.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — August 17, 2010 — Financial technology provider, fiVISION, will host a wire transaction-focused webinar on Wednesday, August 25, 2010, at 1 p.m. (CST) with guest Digital Federal Credit Union’s Manager of Electronic Services, Mary Kate Perry.  The hour-long webinar entitled, “How Digital FCU Processes 100 Wires a Day, While Saving Costs and Preventing Fraud,” shows how the $3.9 billion credit union uses fiVISION’s Wire Transfer Automation module to efficiently process 100 wire requests everyday.


fiVISION’s Wire Transfer Automation module complements its memberWORKS CRM suite, simplifying and streamlining the processes associated with capturing, approving, and sending wire transfer requests from members. This process also has the capability of “auto-approving” a member’s request in real-time, while alerting staff to investigate other requests before processing.

“The automation features in this module are very smooth and allow us to focus on the exception items in our daily operations,” states Perry. “It also helps our staff do a better job more efficiently, saving us costs in the long run while maintaining a high level of service.”

The module, which Digital has been using since 2009, benefits credit unions by significantly reducing the required work effort. The system automatically performs steps that Digital’s staff had to perform manually – often cutting the workload in half.

According to Perry, the new automation capabilities – along with fraud prevention – shave several minutes off the processing of each request, savings that add up quickly after performing 100 wires each day. Now designated credit union employees have more time to perform other important tasks such as building and maintaining member relationships through personal service.

What attendees will learn:

1. How Digital has utilized automation to improve:

a. Fraud prevention

b. Member service

c. Staff effectiveness/cost savings

2. What Digital has done performance-wise since then

3. How Digital’s employees have become more efficient

4. How Digital has saved costs while maintaining a high level of service

5. Other benefits Digital has experienced since streamlining and simplifying its wire transfer process


Who Should Attend: CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, VP of Operations, VP of IT or IS, IT Managers, Member Support Services personnel

“We’re looking forward to a highly informative and educational webinar with Digital FCU,” says Mike Winter, president of fiVISION. “Just about everybody is looking for ways to save costs without sacrificing service these days, and we feel this module meets this goal. Digital validates the product with its incredible usage numbers. So we thought we would provide this information to the credit union audience in the form of an interactive webinar.”


About fiVISION

fiVISION provides technology platforms that enable enhanced member service and sales for credit union clients through its flagship CRM product memberWORKS and accountWORKS member enrollment solution. fiVISION, headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., is a CUSO that was established to bring industry leading – and practical – contact management, cross selling and workflow automation technology solutions to progressive credit unions. For more information, contact fiVISION at 317.612.3350 or visit


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