What is a generous credit union website? Mississippi Federal Credit Union and BloomCU are working to build one

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (February 25, 2020) — Mississippi Federal Credit Union opened their doors in 1958 to humbly serve the financial needs of the community. Generous services and friendly staff quickly helped them grow. Over 60 years later, they’re joining with BloomCU, an award-winning design agency, to get a new credit union website design that reflects those ideas of service, humility, and generosity.

Whether in personal finance or business services, MSFCU puts members first and projects a down-to-earth, friendly tone. The new website will show that same kind of member-first generosity through a crisp design that privileges navigation and clear information.

Derik Krauss, Cofounder of BloomCU, said that the new website would reflect a certain generosity. “We’re inspired by the kind of generosity and service that [MSFCU] displays. We know that we can craft a digital experience which conveys that in a fresh way.”

The new BloomCU credit union website design will simplify the online experience of MSFCU. Users will be greeted with intuitive navigation and an easy layout. By trimming down on design and writing, MSFCU will have a focused, service-oriented brand that reflects the same personal interactions that members have come to expect.

On the new site, generosity will look like intuitive pages, menus, and writing. Instead of gimmicks and an overload of content, MSFCU and BloomCU are putting together a site that is beautiful in its simplicity. If you have great products, sometimes you just need to have the website get out of the way so that the members can connect to what you’re doing.

About BloomCU

BloomCU LLC helps credit unions design results-driven websites that increase loans and accounts. They work with credit unions in 25 states across the US, many of which have won awards or recognition for their websites from CUNA, MAC, The Financial Brand, Credit Union Times, CUES, and others. The company has a reputation for designing beautiful websites that feature intelligent technologies (e.g., personalization, chatbots, integrated origination experiences) and then optimizing those sites continuously to grow loans, deposits, and membership.

About Mississippi Federal Credit Union

It’s been 50 years since the humble beginnings of Mississippi Federal Credit Union, but those early days still inform everything that MSFCU stands for. With great rates, innovative services, and an extensive catalogue of business services, MSFCU has been a force in Mississippi communities. Their kind service and humble approach to personal and business finances has helped them connect with people and grow their membership steadily over the years.


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