Whitepaper: The dirty little secret about security in the emerging remote worker society?

WESTPORT, CT (October 20, 2017) — Brad Miller, CEO of Awareness Technologies has written a whitepaper titled, The Dirty Little Secret About Security In The Emerging Remote Worker Society?Below is a snippet from the whitepaper:

“Technology is a pricey investment, especially at high volumes. It isn’t just something that is bought and not maintained. WorkSimple estimates around 26.2MM employees worked remotely in some way – that’s a lot of trust being placed in millions of dollars worth of labor and capital. While working, they may have been using secure corporate networks to complete tasks such as updating financial spreadsheets. What happened when they left the network environment? What programs did they use? What websites did they visit? Was confidential information leaked outside of the company? If it was, how would you know?

These are the common questions and concerns shared by managers and information technology departments responsible for ensuring that their workers and technology are being productive. Relying on monitoring solutions tethered to a corporate network has drastically limited the visibility into actual uses of company resources, and opened organizations up to new security threats that they haven’t faced before.”

We strongly encourage anyone who would like to learn more about how to eliminate internal threats to visit the following link to read the white paper. Click Here To Read Whitepaper

About Awareness Technologies

Awareness Technologies, Inc (ATI) is a Westport, Connecticut company founded in 2002 who has over 200,000 total users and 10,000 corporate customers using ATI’s patented Software as a Service (SaaS) all-in-one endpoint security solution to protect organizations from their greatest threat, the insider. Awareness Technologies was honored with the distinction of “Technology Fast 500” by Deloitte. Leading and marquee organizations in government, financial, health care, education and many Fortune 5000 companies use Awareness Technologies to mitigate the threats posed by insiders.


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