Prioritize personal connections as business transforms

As our businesses seek a way forward through the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, there is a common theme in advice from leadership experts: Prioritize people. This philosophy is at the core of the industry my organization represents – credit unions – and remains as important as ever, even in a tech-driven world.

In a recent interview on the Banking Transformed podcast, management guru Tom Peters shared his insights into the strategy of personalization. Here are some of the key excerpts:

  • Qualities of a successful leader and organization: Peters tells podcast host Jim Marous that “people first” remains his advice to leaders. As businesses take advantage of artificial intelligence and automation to communicate with members/customers, he says “those who…continue to humanize things are going to be winners.” While times may be busy and stressful, don’t forget to have genuine conversations with your staff, and encourage them to take time to do the same when members/customers reach out for help.


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