Project management vs project leadership

It’s different. Leaders develop people, think strategically and take responsibility. Managers manage. Here are three ways the differences flesh out in my NTCUE project, establishing a Project Management Office (PMO).

Developing People

I’m taking the opportunity to turn enhancement inbox suggestions into coaching moments. The PMO’s project selection process seeks to come alongside idea submitters to help them develop their idea and connect it to DuPont Community Credit Union’s strategy and annual goals. This coaching empowers employees and gives them a voice in improving their workplace. It develops buy-in to the organizational strategy by connecting their project to the big picture. Further, coaching promotes critical and creative thinking as we discuss the conditions of success for their project and other ways to accomplish their idea’s goal. No one likes to see their project idea rejected, however, limited resources are a reality. A project manager would write a pass/fail email. A project leader has the relationship to offer a genuine, insightful explanation on the specifics of the go/no-go decision.

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