Project Zip Code hits 90M matched credit union members

CUNA’s Project Zip Code has matched its 90 millionth credit union member to their congressional district, a major milestone for one of CUNA’s signature programs. Project Zip Code matches credit union membership data to congressional and state legislative districts, as well as counties.

“Matching credit union members to their legislative districts is an important tool for CUNA, leagues, credit unions and members to ensure their voice is heard by the people in Congress who represent them,” said CUNA Chief Political Officer Richard Gose. “CUNA’s Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation depends on policymakers hearing loud and clear the need need regulatory relief, and Project Zip Code allows them to measure how significant this impact is in the districts they represent.”

Project Zip Code is a secure computer program that counts a credit union’s members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district and county. These counts are then uploaded to CUNA’s Project Zip Code website and combined with data from other credit unions nationwide.

Since many credit union members reside in states other than the state where their credit union is located, the more participants, the more accurate the picture of each district.

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