Purposeful peer networking

Don’t let your conversations turn into complaining sessions—and other best practices

by Tanya Mueller Smith, CPHR, SHRM-CP, CUES Blog

The credit union system is fantastic for its peer networking groups and sharing of knowledge and best practices. While the point of these is to share challenges and ideas for creative solutions and innovation, they can turn into complaint sessions pretty easily. So, when I run or have run peer roundtables in previous roles, I’ve been careful not to let the discussion run down those rails.

Fortunately, I haven’t seen a lot of overly concerning complaining during networking time in the Canadian CU space because I feel that we manage this well. While leaders always need an outlet to “complain” or share challenges about common vendors or issues, in my experience, they usually stay pretty solutions-oriented, especially at a structured networking event.

Setting Ground Rules for Networking

Having a conversation at CUES recently about avoiding complaint sessions during networking time led me to think about what has worked really well in networking. Let me share some thoughts.


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