Put yourself in members’ shoes during the holiday shopping season

As Christmas decorations begin to fill the aisles and ads flood our news feeds, we embark on another holiday season. From holiday exchanges to presents for the kids, purchases are being made at an escalated rate. Even the most stubborn scrooge finds themselves frivolously spending during the holidays. Whether your members are early bird Black Friday shoppers or those who run through Target aisles on Christmas Eve, it’s easy to forget budgets and overspend. As a credit union, it’s important to keep your members in mind during the festive season and offer them the tools to keep their assets in line.

Picture these all-too-familiar scenarios and how your credit union can offer members a solution.

SET IT BEFORE YOU SPEND IT. Thanksgiving feast has just been put away and the turkey platter is replaced with plans for a successful Black Friday shopping trip. Everyone in the family has been studying the holiday ads and have their favorite gifts already in mind. The anticipation is finally over and they hit the stores to take advantage of the year’s biggest sales. Their cart fills up quickly and around every corner is another can’t miss deal. Your member overspends and finds themselves riding home in panic and shame. They spend the rest of the season working longer hours trying to make up for the breach in budget. Now imagine if such a member had proper daily card limits in place or notification alerts to inform them budgets had been exceeded. Be sure that members know about your credit union card services and guide them to set reasonable budgets that will keep their holiday spirits high.

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