Put yourself in members’ shoes

‘I’m a team builder who has surrounded myself with good people.’

Two events made Jason Lindstrom the credit union stalwart he is today.

First, he worked as a part-time teller in college.

“Coming into that environment, I noticed right away how much help we gave members, and that we were on a first-name basis with them,” he says. “That job was far better than flipping burgers.”

Second, Lindstrom happily pursued a degree in business marketing until he ran into a major barrier: calculus. He wasn’t good at it, and he knew he would never master it.

“So I shifted to political science, a major that was helpful when later on I had to deal diplomatically with politicians on both sides of the aisle at the state level as a credit union representative,” says Lindstrom, CEO of $270 million asset Evergreen Credit Union in Portland, Maine.

Lindstrom’s stints with credit unions in California and Virginia involved financial analysis, outside sales, and business development that gave him career-forming insights.


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