Put ‘PD on your CV’

Having professional development experiences on your resume can help you get an executive position.

Is professional development an important component of a resume?

Absolutely, say both Deedee Myers, Ph.D., founder/CEO of CUES Supplier member and strategic provider DDJ Myers, Ltd. and co-founder of the Advancing Leadership Institute, and Charles Shanley, executive vice president of Houston-based JMFA Executive Search Group, a CUES Supplier member.

“It’s key,” Phoenix-based Myers says. “”I really want to see it in the resume.”

In fact, Myers says that No. 1 on her list of personal mastery skills for a potential CEO is continuous learning.

Attending CUES’ CEO Institute, for instance, puts a candidate ahead of the pack in terms of cross-functional expertise.

If a CEO aspirant only has experience in one area, she won’t know how to lead staff members in other spheres.

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