Raising consideration of credit unions to advance our movement

Have your eyes been opened to the CUNA-led campaign Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union®? Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’ I think there’s a lot all of us can learn about the initiative and what CUNA, Leagues and credit unions are trying to achieve. 

To get up to speed – check out this video that explains the Awareness initiative’s journey so far. 

I think the biggest thing to understand is that this is not a replacement for credit union marketing plans. Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union is a brand-building campaign. We’re not trying to sell credit unions a product, we’re trying to raise consumer consideration of credit unions when they make financial decisions. Your credit union’s direct marketing approach is still needed! Open Your Eyes will complement what you’re already doing. 

I’ve served on the Unitus CU Board of Directors since 2015 and was elected Chair in 2016. But before volunteering on the Board, I taught K-12 music for 34 years. Here’s one thing I know from my decades of teaching: you have to keep educating time and again to make sure students hear you and understand the materials you’re trying to teach. It is our job to educate our citizens as to what credit unions are and to show them we are their best financial partners for their future and families. 

Maybe you’ve heard of the Awareness initiative but aren’t sure why it matters to your credit union. Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about it. Whatever the case, it’s time for ALL of us as a movement and industry to come together and get on board with this campaign!   

I know a lot of you still have questions. That’s good! I would encourage everyone to connect with your CEOs and senior staff, visit cuna.org/awareness, talk to your League and learn how Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union is going to open doors for credit unions across the country. 

Frank Chinn

Frank Chinn

Appointed to the Board of Directors in 2016, Frank has been a member of Unitus Community Credit Union since 1995. He is the current Board Chair and also serves on ... Web: https://www.unitusccu.com Details

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