Ready to get hands-on with payments?

New program brings together—both virtually and in person—master craftsmen, the best tools and able apprentices to focus on payments strategy.

If you’re like me, you read about payments every single day. And you could, if you wanted to, read about them every hourof every single day.

So one of the reasons I’m excited about participating in CUES’ new Payments University is that the event’s master teachers will be talking about how to sift through all the news to identify the trends that really matter. They’ll also offer tools for crafting the best possible payments strategy—and for effectively selling new ideas to colleagues and decision-makers.

In addition, I’m pumped that my participation in the program means I get to interact with the other apprentices—the other participants in the program—twice before we gather in person. The program features two virtual sessions held online March 14 and 28 (each will leverage our new CUES Elite Access Virtual Classroom technology) and two in-person days held April 3 and 4 in San Francisco. Talk about jump-starting the networking!

Who are master teachers? They’re folks I’ve long respected:

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