Ready, set, brand launch!

You’ve made the decision to update your brand. You’ve put in the time, money, and effort to make it happen, perhaps with the help of an agency or other partner. So here you are, at the moment of truth. Your new brand is ready to go.

Now what?

The strategic thought and planning that goes into launching your new brand is every bit as important as the effort required to create the new brand. After all, what good is a new brand if nobody knows about it – or worse yet, if they misunderstand what’s happening?

No matter what type of organization you’re with, there are three groups of people you need to consider when planning your brand launch.

1. Your employees
2. Your current customers or members
3. Your prospective customers or members

Each of these groups has a different perception of and relationship with your current brand. That means you need to tailor your communication strategy to fit each group.

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