Rebranding: Embarking on an Amazon journey

When a rebrand comes out of left field, your executive team, your board, even your frontline staff, may be thinking, “at least take me out to dinner first.” A rebrand won’t fix a high-friction organization, so why start the process off that way? It takes self-awareness and self-control to lead a rebrand. How can you sway your team to be excited and optimistic about a rebrand?

We can trick ourselves into believing a rebrand will solve our problems and fix mistakes. The truth is your growth and scale will now be challenged by a reactive decision. How consumers feel or describe your credit union or community bank – the words you want them to use to describe you – won’t change, or at least, they won’t change for very long.

Sure, every rebrand comes with a honeymoon phase. For a while, you’ll think you’ve unlocked greatness within your organization. But without shared values and beliefs within your organization, you’ll quickly discover that you lack a competitive advantage. Before you know it, your brand will go the way of the fidget spinner.

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