Refresh your company’s vision this spring

Every organization needs a mission, a vision, and values to function properly. In turn, the environment around us changes constantly – forcing these fundamentals to change as well. As leaders, it’s our duty to refresh our mission, vision, and values when uncontrollable elements shift our environment.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, John Coleman discusses how the pandemic has created a “new normal” for organizations, leaving space for organizational fundamentals to become outdated in the process.

Coleman begins the article with a discussion on the mindset shift of employees – including an emerging focus on health, flexibility, diversity, equity, and individual purpose. The pandemic has given people a clear understanding of transformation, both big and small, and how it can affect one’s overall outlook on work, relationships, and life.

Therefore, organizational leaders need to gain perspectives of all involved in the company to get a full understanding of shifting one’s mission, vision, and values. How do we do that? Simply by asking and making the conversation an open forum for all.


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