Reinforcing credit unions of their ‘cooperative’ roots with The Foundation’s Gigi Hyland…

In this episode we are joined by The Foundation’s Director Gigi Hyland, as she discusses the organization’s latest project: “7 Cooperative Principles” (with a big thank you to Corporate One FCU, as well). This short video on the cooperative principles allows credit unions to leverage with their staff, members and community. The animated video discusses the benefits of what it means for a credit union to be a cooperative and goes into the 7 cooperative principles in brief detail.

Gigi says the video is serves as a reminder to our industry that credit unions are indeed cooperatives at their core and it is meant to be shared over and over again. Hence, the posting of the video on our site (see below). Enjoy the chat with Gigi and go to The Foundation’s website and check it out — and pass it on!

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