Reinvent your credit union one day at a time

Everyone can innovate because everyone has the human gift of creativity.

A century ago, innovators like Henry Ford came to Detroit to build great companies. The city was the Silicon Valley of the era, says innovation expert Josh Linkner, a Detroiter with “deep roots and a lot of passion” for his hometown.

“When we were in that creative groove, our city prospered. We built beautiful roads, buildings, and universities,” says Linkner. “Then, that all stopped. We did this 180.”

The city retreated into bureaucracy, protectionism, and entitlement, he says. Institutions and infrastructure crumbled along with the local economy. The city became a “punchline.”

“It is a fascinating tale of what happens when you’re embracing innovation and what happens when you’re not,” says the 45-year-old entrepreneur, author, and speaker, who will deliver at keynote address at America’s Credit Union Conference (ACUC), which runs June 26-29 in Seattle.

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