How to resonate with today’s up-and-comers

Marketing to Millennials

The myth of the millennial as the perpetual adolescent has finally been put to rest. Adult millennials, meaning those in the 28-37-year-old age bracket, are today’s adults with families, homes, careers, and most importantly to credit unions, money. In fact, older millennials are really the sweet spot for credit unions. They are growing in affluence, accounting for a third of adults earning more than half a million a year and more than 6 million of them earning six figures.

Play to their Passions

In a recent webinar, Key Ingredients—Resonating with Millennials and a Sneak Peek at Centennials, we discussed how to capture millennials business. The key is to understand what drives them. This group is making money and they are not afraid to spend it on things they care about such as travel, golf, and cuisine. These three areas differentiate affluent millennials from other generations.

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