Retaining talent for the long haul

Tuition reimbursement, mentorship key to engaging employees.

As an institution originally founded by teachers, Educators Credit Union in Mount Pleasant, Wis., has implemented special programs to keep employees of all generations continually challenged and loyal to the organization. This includes an in-house online learning system with a variety of courses, including business communication, and a generous tuition reimbursement program.

“Typical tuition reimbursement programs are job-related,” says Peter Stein, Educators’ senior vice president of human resources. “We believe in continuous education. As long as you take an accredited class and you earn at least a C [grade], you will be reimbursed.”

Stein says employees have received tuition reimbursement for courses as varied as creative writing and wedding planning, and some have even earned their nursing certificates.

“A lot of our longtime employees have taken classes,” Stein says. “Our people are continuous learners, and that makes them more valuable to Educators.”

Another key to retaining employees for the long-term and keeping them engaged and loyal is mentorship, says Angelito “JoJo” Cristobal Jr., retail sales manager for Schools Financial Credit Union in Sacramento, Calif.


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