Risk Management: How hungry are you?

I like being “on time.” I like other people who like to be on time. It shocks me that tardiness is not one of the seven deadly sins.

I think that could be an oversight.

But how do I manage the risk of being late? Before I can even begin to manage this, I need to measure my appetite for being on time.

  • Business meetings: I am very risk adverse, bordering on zero-tolerance. 
  • Social meetings:  I am less risk adverse for parties. More risk adverse when meeting people for dinner at a restaurant.

I’ll set two alarms the night before a big morning meeting at work. But I won’t crack the whip getting Kate and Briggs out the door for a birthday party. (The benefit of being on time doesn’t outweigh having a calm day without arguments.)

And in any event, I’d never put anyone’s safety at risk (driving dangerously fast) to be on time, even for a work event.

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