Risks to bear in mind with instant-issue EMV cards

Although there are risks involved in an EMV instant issuance program, there are just as many solutions.

Key risks and suggested mitigation steps are one of the topics addressed in a white paper I recently had the pleasure of contributing to in collaboration with a number of payment and financial industry experts and the EMV Migration Forum. The paper, “Implementing EMV in the U.S.: Best Practices in Support of EMV Instant Issuance,” highlights industry-recommended best practices for transitioning a financial institution’s (FI’s) current instant issuance solution to an EMV instant issuance program.

Below is an excerpt from the white paper, focusing on the risks and solutions involved in EMV instant issuance.


  •  Access to (or unauthorized use of) personalization and issuer master keys.
  • Eavesdropping during the personalization process of dual interface cards if secure encryption is not utilized. 
  •  Use of unsecured session keys to potentially expose personalization data.
  • Potential interoperability issues from using multiple or varying card profiles.


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