Rock your credit union’s service culture

CUs need rock stars not lip syncers to amp up the brand, culture champion says

Jim Knight is on a mission to change the service culture in this country. The former head of training and development for Hard Rock International closed out the CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference Wednesday in Orlando with a high-energy, “rockin’” presentation.

Knight called on credit union leaders to create truly differentiated service for their members. If successful, members will keep coming back, take on additional services, and talk enthusiastically about the organization within their social networks.

To achieve this, it is imperative that every team member is like the massively popular rock band U2: “Singing off the same sheet of music.”

Knight said this only comes through the creation and embodiment of a member-obsessed purpose, where the credit union communicates clearly and with urgency to its members, “I will do anything for you.”

In his wide-ranging talk, Knight drew on examples from the diverse worlds of business and music to illustrate outstanding customer-oriented experiences.

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