SBA, Labor Department Launch Self-Employment Support Website


The SBA and U.S. Department of Labor have come together to launch a website to help state workforce and unemployment agencies in implementing or enhancing self-employment assistance programs.

A key component of the new website is the SBA toolkit, which contains several free, online resources available to support new entrepreneurs, the agency said.

Through the site, the SBA said, it continues to offer free online business courses on topics such as how to prepare a business plan, franchising basics, government contracting, green business opportunities, entrepreneurship and business planning, entrepreneurial marketing and finding money to start a business.

The site also highlights successful practices from states currently operating self-employment assistance programs to help other states implement or enhance their programs.

Participation in self-employment assistance programs is voluntary for eligible unemployment insurance recipients. It enables them to receive financial assistance equal to their unemployment insurance benefits while they receive entrepreneurial training and resources to help launch their own businesses, the SBA said.

“For entrepreneurs who find themselves unemployed, the website and toolkit will help them turn small business ownership into a reality and possibly put others back to work at the same time – a win-win scenario,” said SBA Administrator Karen Mills.

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