SEG Marketing: Create A Detailed Plan For Each Sponsor Company

by Stephanie Schwenn Sebrin

$586 million/70,000-member Member One Federal Credit Union, Roanoke, Va., has a detailed marketing plan for each of its select employer groups.

“Without a formal written plan, you set yourself up for failure,” says CUES member Mark Hudzik, chief development officer.

To build a successful SEG marketing plan, Hudzik suggests you:

  • Develop a written strategy and goals for each SEG.
  • Give true value to the companies you serve.
  • Look at the lives of the people you serve–their demographics, struggles, wants and needs.
  • Look at each SEG event as a separate strategy.
  • Track your success with a formal onboarding program or, at the very least, with an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Do immediate outreach: Follow up with employees via phone calls and thank-you cards; cross-sell products in that critical, first 90-day window.
  • Have a branch presence at the SEGs you serve.
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