Sex, SARs, and politicians

AI knew that would get your attention. I’ll be talking about that soon enough but first, here are some things of more immediate concern.

Senate Begins To Debate Regulatory Reform Bill

The first big test vote for S.2155 is expected to come today. Right now it appears that there is more than enough support to take up the bill on the merits, with Senator Mark Warner, (D-Va.) predicting that the vote for ending a procedural filibuster could pass with 70 Senators supporting it. While it doesn’t appear that New York can count on either of its Senators to support the measure, the increasing likelihood of Senate passage means that the attention will turn quickly to the House. Right now the usual suspects opposed to the bill are focusing on the fact that it raises the threshold before banks are subject to heightened oversight to $250 Billion as opposed to the well-deserved and much needed mandate relief it would give to credit unions and community banks.


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