Shaping our vision

You’ve shared your thoughts and concerns for America’s Credit Unions through a number of in-person meetings, calls, and submissions on our website. You’ve begun sharing what you want “more of” and what you want “less of” from your national association moving forward.

I’ve received great feedback about what both NAFCU and CUNA do well, where we can improve, and ideas to build important future capacity. As we move forward, I’ll share more about what I’m learning right here. But bottom line, all the discussions have made me hopeful that we’re on the right track.

Our members deserve the most efficient, accountable organization working on their behalf. We’re here today because we listened to our members and heard that a unified national voice for credit unions is a priority.

The Transformation Steering Group and the Transition Board leadership (which would take effect if the merger is approved) are excited about the possibilities.


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