Sharing your vision and story unfiltered with Alina Murcar

Real. Vulnerable. Unfiltered.

Sounds like the start of a fantastically angsty pop song, but it’s also a stellar way to approach sharing your financial institution’s vision and story. And here to offer her top tips this week on CRMNEXT’s Banking on Experience (in all her #unfiltered glory) is Canopy CU’s Marketing and Digital Content Specialist, Alina Murcar.

What’s covered:

Canopy’s vision and the story behind it

In a 2019 rebranding, Spokane CU became Canopy CU — a name with a deeper meaning. It’s a nod to the Pacific Northwest’s canopy of trees that protect the ecosystem, and Canopy aims to do the same for its members. As Alina puts it, “We want to cultivate their growth, to protect them…to help provide education as well as opportunities for them to feel confident in their financial future.”


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